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    The Alarm Glock By Twoedesign

    As 2 product design students, (Ewan Baird and Ellen Constable) we were given a brief to create a meaningful interactive product that used programmable technology. We chose to programe an arduino and a series of solenoids to play a glockenspiel which would is designed around an interchangeable clock face. The face displays different reminders for throughout the day. Initially, we wanted to just make it an amram clock to wake the user in the morning but after research, we found that people liked the idea of alarms going off throughout the day even if they are not in. The final result is our Alarm Glock, a quirky alarm clock that reminds you of your daily tasks and creates a happy atmosphere in your home. This is our blog where you can see our progress throughout the project and the final pictures and release of the product. http://twoedesign.wordpress.com/
  2. Hey guys, I'm a student at Dundee University studying Product Design. We're doing a module this year (second year) which involves designing building and programming an interactive product/installation that uses a microcontroller. My partner and I decided to go with an alarm clock that plays an electronic glockenspiel. We have a blog to show all of our progress. We write about our inspirations, research, our presentation boards and how we are getting on in general. Please have a look and follow the blog if you are interested. We would really appreciate any comments or opinions. =] Here is the blog address: http://twoedesign.wordpress.com/ Thank you, Ellen Constable

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