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  1. colourwei

    New Products :)

    It is good, Have you produced ? Maybe I can make the molds for you, Yes, I am sales manager with over thirteen years experience of design and making mold.
  2. colourwei

    Modular Glass Table

    There are so many Components in our live, I like them,
  3. colourwei

    Offsetting In Solidworks

    Assembly is good choice. You can make the cell by to copy the surface more distance as small as you looked. And make the surface in you want render.
  4. colourwei

    Rendering 2D Sketch

    Now, To render 2D picture is need some technical work, Maybe you can draw in 3D, the software will help you to render in 2D.
  5. Maybe you should change the mold, the surface treatment on the cavitis of mold in different. The attribute of material is different, so you must make the different masterbatchs. The goal is to maintain same appearance for couple of plastic parts which are made of different types of compound. The master should check the molded part through machine.
  6. colourwei

    Help With New Product

    Cast will be expensive than punch hardware. Maybe you send me your draft,
  7. Special prototype provider
  8. colourwei

    What Do You Think Of These Sketches?

    You can make more pictures to show your idea, You have a good idea,
  9. colourwei

    My New Urban Punk Design Project

    Is it for young man, or gangdom? It is cool, but not good.
  10. colourwei

    Ir Speed Dome Camera

    Patent 7" size, the cover rotate follow the camera, External DIP switch make you can directly set the Add Code & Baud Rate, no need to open the PTZ housing, more convenient. Internal English OSD menu for setting operation, can set the camera, PTZ function. The decoder will auto identify camera after boot. All aluminium alloy housing structure, Whole machine is sealed, waterproof level: IP65 for used outdoor. 12 PCS imported SEL super brightness Array IR LED, effective night vision distance is 120~150 meters. Far distance or less distance only 6 LED works, less LED but much better effect. Horizontal 360 degree continuous rotation, vertical 180 degree auto flip. Can set 2CH alarm input / output. 128 accurate preset positions, 2 pattern scans, 4 cruise routes, 1 fixed home monitoring position, Have mounting bracket and waterproof power adaptor. Can add network function.
  11. You must check that it must be clean, some corners are important.
  12. colourwei

    Interesting Salt And Pepper Shakers

    You are clever
  13. colourwei

    Add Your Industrial Design Blog Here

    It is a good idea, http://www.levermt.com http://hi.baidu.com/new/levermt

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