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  1. Hi there, i would appreciate your comments on this project. LENTA is a simple yet comprehensive rack for bicycles with security and multifunction in mind. It can be used not only as a rack, but also for seating and have good branding possibilities when needed. The rack should be produced in flat sheet metal 4-6mm. The project is part of this contest: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.523480547761810.1073741846.363273337115866&type=1 I will apreciate if you spend some time to like my project here if you liked it: https://www.facebook.com/VelosipediSprint/photos/a.523480547761810.1073741846.363273337115866/523481601095038/?type=1&theater
  2. Velichko Velikov

    Elm Wood Furniture

    I just love it wish you all the best!
  3. Velichko Velikov

    Torro Chair

    I am presenting the Torro chair - chair which was started about a month ago and finished fast for MACEF in Milan. At the moment there are two versions - one with hand made weaving - for interior and exterior use, and another one with upholstered seat. I am working on a fully upholstered version and also a lounge chair and bar stool with the same concept. Any C&C are welcomed!
  4. Velichko Velikov

    Tha Chameleon Chair

    From the descriptio So, yes - there will be different seats and options...
  5. Velichko Velikov

    Tha Chameleon Chair

    Ok, to renew my participation here i am psoting this chair - it was developed and prototyped this summer for about a week in my back garden. The main idea is to have the possibility to use different type of seats - in shape, colour and material - and to use the same frame for all of them. This will make easier (and cheaper) changing of the mood of a house/cafe/restaurant etc. For this prototype i used simple used IKEA seat - just put some upholstery ... C&C are welcomed!
  6. Velichko Velikov

    Tha Chameleon Chair

    Yes, it is safe - i am 108 kg and the chair is holding me easily - why you think is not stable??? It was showcased at two exhibition and people find it to be very comfy
  7. Velichko Velikov

    Velichko Velikov Portfolio

    here is it http://velichkovelikov.com/ hope you enjoy it!
  8. Velichko Velikov

    Arc Table

    that was looong time soon will show updated one - no screws on the wood
  9. Velichko Velikov

    Multi Use Chair - Please Leave Feedback!

    here is my 5 cents on this topic - done in 2009 http://velichkovelikov.com/?p=478 - the Cubba Bubba chair with 5 seats and one table

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