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  1. I just created this sneaker render teaser tutorial to the site too, you can check it out here - http://conceptkicks.com/videos-2/
  2. Check out the sketch tutorial teaser here; https://vimeo.com/39891266
  3. Hey guys, Just wanted to share a new digital magazine dedicated to all things footwear design. From sketches, renderings and samples to inspirational images and tutorials, ConceptKICKS tries to shine the spotlight on the many amazing footwear designers in the industry, as well as inspiring and helping the next ones up. www.ConceptKICKS.com
  4. Hi, Just wanted to share my kickstarter footwear project. The shoes are inspired by ping pong, and we’re trying to raise enough to create a free design space in NY with the sale of these shoes. We want to create a space for young designers to work on their projects, meet mentors and showcase their work in a professional environment. Heres the link to the video; http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/lup/lup-ping-pong-inspired-footwear If you like what you see, you can now place your order on the kickstarter link above! Cheers, Daniel Bailey Co-Founder/Designer - lup www.iamlup.com @MrBailey www.danielbailey.us

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