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  1. ryanid

    Please Help Me To Improve My Portfolio!

    Cristhian, I think think you portfolio is really well done. It's got someof the elements I think are important. Process, simple presentation, and solid skills. I do wonder how 3 projects take up 62 pages.... I would like to see more examples. I'd also like to see products with more form. Either way I think this is working on a lot of levels. If you can show more projects in less pages, with this attention to communication I think it'll give viewers a better idea of your work.
  2. ryanid

    Arc Table

    i like it, timeless. Thanks for sharing.
  3. ryanid

    How To Get The Clients From Linkedin?

    I haven't ever gotten a new client from Linkedin, but it does offer credibility to potential clients. If you join and participate in groups you may find clients.
  4. Nick, I'd like to be in contact with you. I'm considering starting a similar business idea. I work all day and freelance all night. Keep up the entrepreneurial spirit!
  5. ryanid

    Studio Name Trademarks?

    How many freelancers/consultancies out there have trademarked their name? I have not done this, but now I'm wondering if I should. For some reason I recall hearing that it has something to do with the state it's filled in. For example, a name would be trademarked states x,y,z....
  6. MGPL- great book to start with and use as a reference. I agree with Vander, have a plan from the beginning. It takes some time to learn SW quirks, so be prepared to start things over when necessary and continuously try work-a-rounds to errors.

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