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  1. RDVB1980

    Flip Vossen Dutch Industrial Designer Dae Portfolio

    Hi Flip If I may say, it took me a while to figure out that the different menus where on the left. What got me confused was that, when you come in to the web site on the left it says "welcome" in different languages, and there are a few detail shots off your work in the middle (which I immediately clicked to see if I could browse) so when I went into the portfolio, I assumed that on the left was just a description off what I was looking at and not a menu for different projects. I think there is a small discrepancy as you browse through different parts off your portfolio. I would suggest keeping a small detail image off the different projects that you can go into with a click. Another thing was the lack off sketches. You have nice final models, some nice renderings, but I would say maybe to much renderings sometimes, and a distinctive lack of sketching. Sketching is a very important skill that you should add to your portfolio. I did like the 0 to 10 scale on the computer experience in your cv, but would recommend adding a hyper link to your email address so it is easier for you to be contacted by possible employers. But I did enjoy your portfolio.
  2. RDVB1980

    New Year New Portfolio - All Reviews Welcome

    I tend to model in SolidWorks, but sometimes I also use Rhino, or both. The glue packaging was initially done in SolidWorks and finished in Rhino for a few details. I can also use other 3D modeling tools, but I think this 2 are quick and easy to use, and they tend to be more and more the industry standard. I will take your advice and the next posts will include more sketching and PS skills, but I think I also need to work a bit on how to present my research. I think it looks like thinks come out randomly, not based on thorough research, what you think?
  3. RDVB1980

    New Year New Portfolio - All Reviews Welcome

    Hi Amkad Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated. The problem is I do not have PS or Illustrator work related to the posts on the web site. Do you think I should create an entry listed as "Skills" or "Sketches" and post the varied work I have there? Regarding the 3d rendering packages, I tend to use either Keyshot or Maxwell, depending on the time I have. Maxwell can generate nice images, but keyshot is very quick and if you play with it, it can also produce a nice outcome. I used to use Vray as well but stopped working with it since it became to slow on the previous release, but it is still one off my favourite rendering engines in terms of realistic looking images.
  4. Hi everyone. If you have the time please take a look at my portfolio and write a review. All reviews welcome, so I can see if it is up to standard or if it needs some tweaking. Thank you very much www.rdvb-designshowcase.blogspot.com
  5. RDVB1980

    Help! (Portfolio Feedback)

    I really enjoyed your portfolio. I think the research is great and if you have a good research the outcome is bound to come out good as well. Congrats.

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