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  1. jimmykebab

    Universal Design

    Yeah, I've been reading up a lot on this, the lines do seem a bit blurred. But I think inclusive design doesn't have to serve everyone, it's more like simplification, but then some people's more complex needs aren't being met. I.e. ipod shuffle vs touch.
  2. Hi, I'm a chartered marketer who has recently started learning product design. I'm in a great position to start developing new products but my chance has passed to learn the fundimentals via university (I'm currently studying MA in Marketing at Durham PT). To be honest, I'm bored of marketing communications, my focus now is all about great products that people actually want. So my question to all you Industrial Design professionals is: What were the core elements of study at university, and what text books would you suggest I buy? Any help would be greatly appriciated. Currently I'm reading some good books on sketching, I'm also doing solidworks lessons via YouTube but am going to learn at an accredited learning centre. I also working an injection moulding factory, so this, woodwork and metals are also of interest to me.

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