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    deersterka93 reacted to Lostn30 in Online Education?   
    Hi everyone,
    I've recently been very interested in taking classes in industrial design but I really don't have much time on my hands. I have been debating on taking online classes but I feel that perhaps this field of study is not one that I can consider taking online classes, mainly because I feel this should be more of a hands on learning experience. Is there anyone out there that has taken classes online or known anyone. I would really appreciate some feedback on this subject. Thanks.
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    deersterka93 reacted to ragde in November 3d Modeling Challenge   
    Hey friends:
    The Chess Knight won the poll for November, as you can see:

    We are going to post the data as soon as possible.
    Ciao... and be prepared!!
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    deersterka93 reacted to ragde in Dna Helixes   
    Hi Guys:
    Recently I did this DNA model using SW. It was used by a friend as an illustration for some science presentation.
    It is a very simple model but interesting. Do you want to try?...


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