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  1. finished #Walking (5.03km / 1h 5m 4s / ave speed 5.96kph) view http://t.co/RAnpv5o8 (via sportstracklive)

  2. Lawmakers retreating from SOPA/PIPA - Excellent news - I support #wikipediablackout! Show your support here http://t.co/G4P4Syy7

  3. finished #Running (19.71km / 2h 56m 27s / ave speed 7.39kph) view http://t.co/Y0QEcEnf (via sportstracklive)


    How To Produce A Watch?

    If you are looking to make 1 or a few watches you may be best looking at a site like http://www.designawatch.com/ and pick from their case and strap options and submit your dial design. The choice will always be limited and may not satisfy your creativity. If you want to design the case, bracelet, hands etc. then you have a problem, making small quantities cannot use the production methods normally used - so costs are very high. The actual module that moves the hands are not expensive, both Seiko and Citizen sell 3 hand movements for less than US$1 in volume. With a plated brass case, leather strap, hands and crown the total parts can be less than US$10. But that is only when buying thousands of sets of parts. Europe vs. Asia - Almost all affordable watches have been made in Asia for 40 years, mostly by companies based in Hong Kong. But I don't know any willing to make complete custom watches without a substantial cost.
  5. Film review: Why ‘Thrive’ is best avoided http://t.co/6SxuaZjl


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