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  1. Walker

    Show us your workspace

    Haha. I think the personal work environment of all designers in this world are more or less the same - unorganized but creative.
  2. Walker


    Hi all. My name is Du Yu, and now I am working in an industrial design company in China. You know, design and innovation industry in China is still very weak compared with German and other areas where the innovation industry level is high. But nice product design is, truly, able to bring extra value to a product and promote its sales and profit. However, based on my work experience in my company, there is a large number of China's product companies who are not aware of the importance or the value of product design that could bring to them. They are not willing to invest the same money on product design as what they spend on marketing and advertising. I do come across a lot of bosses who have interest in trying product design, but they do not want to spend much on it, which makes me frustrating. Wish that more and more China's bosses could be aware of the importance of product design and are willing to invest on it, so that we, product designers, could live better! Wish all product designers live a happy life!

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