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  1. adamisthedaddy

    Illustrated Portrait Trouble

    Hi everyone A few weeks ago I had an attempt at illustrating my face in a similar fashion to the image bellow but it turned out looking like the creepiest thing I had ever produced. If your interested in checking it out here's a [Link]. It had little receivables to me and I it was mainly due to the massive bug eyes I fashioned. I'm now on my second attempt at this task and I'm to the fateful task of creating the eyes again but they keep looking rubbish can anyone give me some tips or lend me a hand? The reference picture I'm using is [HERE] Cheers Adam
  2. adamisthedaddy

    Product Design Course Sketches

    The things that usually stops me from putting shading down is usually the feeling that I'm going to balls up what I've done how I havn't thought if photocopying and shading is beyond me Thanks Parel!!
  3. adamisthedaddy

    Product Design Course Sketches

    Thanks for the feedback Parel Would you suggest going around the exterior lines with a fineliner? I was experimenting with contour lines in this project because I don't rate my shading ability to convey form
  4. adamisthedaddy

    Product Design Course Sketches

    Hi I'm Adam a product design student at the University of Leeds, this is my first post on the forum so steady on! Sketching is the area that I am most interested in improving for my design work so I thought I'd show you some of my stuff for some constructive criticism. I've attached a link to my blog (attacking paper) in my signature which is a place where I dump all of my sketch work if you fancy taking a look Here are some water bottle designs that I produced for a design module on branding and shape The brands selected for these designs were Cath Kidstone, Lamborghini and Alessi I'll leave you to work out which are which

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