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  1. Hello guys, I am agree with Sethcalls. The main goal of an essay, is not only to say "i need 2000 words"... This sentence is just for say to have a critical mass of arguments about your position in design field; with an objective (but personal) point of view. I know that professors like to have references like Kieron-Scott said; for have done an art school and after design in university. But don't abuse if you don't want minimize your point of view... If it can help you, MY point of view about design is not to do an object for an object. It's a media to translate an interaction between a needs (cut a meat with a knife; for example) and an user. To take another example, if you take a canvas (with the most beautiful concept that you want like a Picasso); alone it's nothing... It need an interaction / a link with a person to exist...
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    This is some of my favorite links used for my daily work.... (portfolio) www.creabook.com (new materials and other information) www.form.de (inspiration) www.trendsnow.net (resource for architecture and design) http://www.architonic.com/ ("where research informs design" like they said...) www.informedesign.org (ergonomy and anthropometry) www.designingforhumans.com (ergonomy basis) www.ergonomics4schools.com (sustainable design) http://cfsd.org.uk (Life Cycle Assessment, free software; FR) http://www2.ulg.ac.be/cior-fsa/activite/Enviro/Lienslog.htm

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