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    Interested in industrial design, manufacturing technologies & web development.
  1. Fashion 2012 | Take a Journey Through Cartier’s 165 Years in “L’Odyssée de Cartier” http://t.co/ussIPLsr via @fashionindie

  2. @ZexeL You are welcome. In general, I guess this is a very interessting topic. To look beyound the individual point of view is crucial for a great product design. From my point I would like to know what input information are necessary for the industrial designer for starting the creative work. What are the most important factors which defines the initial conditions, besides the technological ones (materials, geometries etc.), for the design process. Do your designs are influenced by customer or market needs? If yes, what are the key figures which have greates inlfuence on your work? How do you perform your research on customer/market demands to determine and evaluate these key figures? Thanks a lot for the answers. Best regards, Cpt_Mar
  3. Hi ZexeL, the main reason why it is so important to have an appropriate background in fundamentals of engineering is simple. A designer is mainly one of the first entities in the product development chain. By his draft he defines the initial conditions (material of choice and geometry) of the future products. Hence all necessary manufacturing and production technologies are pre-defined by these initial conditions, too. In turn, like claimed in all construction methodology classes, the industrial design of the product (materials and geometry) determines more than 70% of the total product development and manufacturing costs, because the product design can hardly be changed subsequently within the following product development chain stages. To generate sustainable and eco-efficient design fundamentals in engineering (physics, mathematics, materials etc.) and especially production technology is necessary for a successful product designer. Hope this was helpful?
  4. Proposal for the "DryHard" reserach project finally submitted. That was very challenging.


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