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    Rendering Accurate Glass Geomtry

    Cyberdemon the result u showed is very good this is the result that i usually get http://www.freeimagehosting.net/536d1 i will put the rhino file and test ot for me please http://www.filesonic...patra_water.3dm another question do i have to get rhino io to keep the surface exact as it is in rhino?
  2. mahmoudhassan

    Rendering Accurate Glass Geomtry

    so maxwell is better than c4d?
  3. hi am working on a glassware company i used rhino to model my designs and i render them in cinema 4d i get nice results when it comes to simple shapes but when i try to render a complex geometry with tiles or something i get bad results and the shadows of the tiles or the pattern i use doesn't seam to appear at all iam not sure if the problem is with the modelling or the render or maybe the software i need to get a result close to the shown renders if someone can help me about this point i will really appreciate that

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