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    What Software Are Toy Designers Using?

    That program looks like a simplified zbrush with measuring tools. I wish zbrush had a better system for modeling to measurments. What that guy used was pretty much just a boolean. There wasn't anything for designing 'mechanical' joints for your toys. I seriously hope I don't have to get solidworks just to do this 1 thing...WIll have to see if it can even work with mesh data for that kind of mechanical analysis.
  2. Jasun Hamilton

    What Software Are Toy Designers Using?

    I'm using Rhino3d and Zbrush. I would like to k now what software folks are using to make jointed toys. I can pretty much test whether a joint is sound or not in Rhino but not without a lot of time. Is there a software that will allow you to rotate your pieces, track its movement and then tell you if and where your parts are colliding?

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