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    [Solidworks Mentor] For Today

    okay, issues fixed, thanks anyways
  2. Hello, I`m working on an uni project, and i could use help from a [solidworks pro]. I made a glasses frame and used the split tool to convert it into solidbodys to later autoassembly it into parts. Then i created a planer surface for the lenses/shades, extended ,bent, and thicken it. Now i want to use split again to cut the lens shape into the frame. Since i already have a solidbody folder in my feature tree, it won`t add the lenses as bodys. also it dosn`t creat walls in my frame, and i can look into it as if its not solid. I would be happy about a little skype chat, with shared screen, i don`t know if any of you is bored or interessted enough to help me out quickly. I would really appreciate it. Thank you very much. Cheers Burns
  3. Bernhard Eiser

    Slimmest Touchscreen Reseach

    Hello and thank you Cyberdemon, I`m actualy talking about the display incusive touchpanel and all other parts required. I think 2mm is a realistic thickness, and thats what i`m gonna use in my conzepts. I will also do some reseach about AMOLED displays, thank you once more. Still if anyone knows any thinner display-kits please post them.
  4. Bernhard Eiser

    Slimmest Touchscreen Reseach

    Hello PDE community. i`m quiet new to Product Design thats why i start this topic. My brief is to make a mobile device, i have some initial ideas and would like to know whats the slimmest touchscreen on the market. Or maybe information how i could figure out whats the slimmest available. I would be very happy if you have "anything" usefull for me. Thank you very much Burns add: finaly i found some usefull information about touch panels this post is not the most recent but it might lead to the required information. http://www.pcmag.com...,2383979,00.asp ?: if the thinnest glass for touch panels = 0.28 millimeters, how thick is the combound part?

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