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  1. idsketching check this site, it rocks! sign up for sketch a day for inspiration. i always look at other peoples work for inspiration, check coroflot.com for this. here is my stuff, hope it inspires you! Visit My Website
  2. halocooter


    learn to sketch well before you go trying to render everything. practice constantly, look at objects more closely, look at other peoples sketches, use object lines... check the video tutorials here - http://www.idsketching.com/thesketchlab/
  3. halocooter

    Dyson Food Processor Ideation

    i like allot of the sketches on your link. in my opinion you are overworking some of your sketches. for instance, it would appear you can draw ellipses pretty well, so do not draw them over and over in the same spot. be confident and put a good one on the page. never stop practicing.
  4. halocooter

    Company Name

    how about, "we cannot help you with branding?"
  5. halocooter

    Gmc Grand Sasquatch

    yup, that last one makes it official, you should definitely draw something besides cars. and all that goofy stuff you write in the posts, you should stop that also.
  6. halocooter

    Any Help Please

    it's called PROBLEM SOLVING. figure it out, it is not a hard problem to solve. you are asking us to design it for you.
  7. halocooter

    Gmc Grand Sasquatch

    you should draw things other than cars i am thinking.
  8. halocooter

    Concept Mpv - Humvee-evo

    great rendering, but it looks like an RC car!
  9. halocooter

    2d Logo To 3d Solidworks ?

    get better at your proportions?
  10. halocooter


    i believe if you had some sketches to show your thought process it would be much much better.
  11. your sketches need different line weights. always use 3 line weights per sketch - i.e. the heaviest line weight on the outside edge helps LAND the image and hint at light source.
  12. halocooter

    Another Car

    totally sweet looking.
  13. all the background color and shadows is making them "dirty." do not overwork 'em. otherwise they are looking pretty good.
  14. halocooter

    Chevrolet Bearclaw

  15. halocooter

    Gizmo Rendering Section

    the phone is bizarre and looks like a 1930s science fiction spaceship concept. the watch thingy is not even worth commenting on. my colleague asked that you take a picture of yourself looking at the camera.

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