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    Hey guys, I've been on here before in the past and know how helpful it is to have a place to see other people as interested and passionate about product design as we all are. I started a sketch blog with content generated from other designers wishing to show case their work. My goal is that the site become another tool in the product designer's belt while giving young growing designers a place to see the work of professionals. I want it to be a place for inspire ideas for sketch content, style, layout, and technique. I know there are other sites that do something similar but my desire was to create a site extremely bare bones and act as a gallery and nothing more. I thought I would make an announcement here because I've seen so many talented designers giving back to the community and I wanted to help in some way. Any feedback on the site would be great and any sketches you want shown would be awesome too! -TS questions&sketches to info@tastysketch.com

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