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  1. Randalthor05

    L'absente - Chair

    It looks very hard. And I don't think I could stack these? I like the design from an aesthetic point of view though. Does it come in black? ;-)
  2. Randalthor05

    Alpha Bottle

    I haven't visited your link, so I am only going off what this image communicates. What is it for? What does the mixing grid do? Do I mix my powder and fluid in it? The rendering is top notch, but unless I actively go and find out what this is and how it will benefit me, I am unlikely to buy. IMHO.
  3. Randalthor05

    Wooden Lamp

    Interesting. I assume the base has some additional weight added to it? Otherwise, the centre of gravity is going to cause a lot of toppling, when the head is adjusted.
  4. Randalthor05

    Sketch Challenges: Suggest A Topic

    Its a shame this seems to have died. I'm new to the site and this sounded interesting.. ;-(
  5. Randalthor05

    Dynamo Flashlight

    So with the Dynamo light you crank the body around itself?
  6. Randalthor05

    Gardening Trolley For A Greenhouse

    I think rather than asking for someone else's ideas, it would be a good learning exercise to develop your own visual language. You can start by creating mood board for your design, find magazine clippings, Argos catalogue images, notes, scribbles etc. Then using these as a springboard, start by defining a list of what features you want your final design to exhibit, start creating a few very very loose scribbles. Then choose one or more to take on to further development. I would rather help you to learn to learn, than do something for you. ;-)

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