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  1. I hate car design...they change every year as if they are saying last years models were no good, its basically a fashion industry. I dont consider car design as part of industrial design. btw this is a thread to rant about bad design
  2. jj-mo

    Concept Sketching

    nice man, i like it, i like it a lot. You provide a nice amount of detail in your sketches
  3. jj-mo

    Portfolio - Where Am I Going Wrong?

    I think some reasoning behind your designs would be beneficial. The sustainabike probably has the most innovation behind it but it seems you havent followed through with that project. I think you have too many rough sketches on there as well, some sketches are meant for yourself only and should never be shown to people critiquing your work. I think tackling some smaller projects and doing them very well would be beneficial for your portfolio, my advise would be to branch out a bit more than bikes and furniture, i feel like your limiting yourself.
  4. jj-mo

    Portfolio - Where Am I Going Wrong?

    Why would a pit bike need a drive shaft?
  5. jj-mo

    Research Question For All Designers

    Light and i often find that the light is not validating enough on most tea kettles...theres nothing like a light to prove that the circuit is circulating
  6. my prof was talking the other day bout how he charges his clients. He basically said that his mechanic charges him 120$ an hour and the service he is providing is more valuable to society than a mechanic so he charges 140$. So ask yourself, would your mechanic charge you for an extra problem that your still having with your car? The way i see it design is full of going back to the drawing board so your clients should have to pay for that part of the service
  7. jj-mo

    Ethic Design: Traffic Lights Redesign

    Really really tough challenge. You are going to have to do a lot of task analysis on this one if you are going to create a good design. I dont know how you will evade users stopping out of obligation, since it is law that they stop but that in itself is a crazy design challenge, good luck! and hey update us on any developments, I am interested!
  8. jj-mo

    Tv Cabinet

    Looks sleek, not a fan of the colours. If you could hide all of the working parts like hinges and supports then that shelf would look gorgeous...tough challenge but would love to see it happen.
  9. Study yourself and others performing a task and analyze the crap out of it, but dont think of solutions at all until you have found lots of problems...then come up with a criteria of things you want your design to accomplish...then start sketching and prototyping as many solutions as you can to fix that problem in as many creative ways as possible then narrow it down to the best idea and refine it until your deadline.
  10. jj-mo

    Garden Furniture 02

    I see comfort as the main issue...CAD is great for some things, but nothing quite like actually making it to see how it works
  11. The fact it will be as cheap as a clothes pin interests me. I think where I'm not seeing it is in the examples you have given me of configurations you have made, their not really blowing me away. I get that the idea is to get kids to use their imaginations, but from a presentation stand point people will want to see the amazing things you have already figured out with them. Kids really enjoy representative things. I agree with changing your audience, it feels more like an adult toy, like a coffee table game. I like those kind of things for when you have a bit of mental block. If you could make them a bit more complex, to accomplish more complicated forms, i think they would cater to adults very well.
  12. jj-mo

    Tea Light Holder

    Hey guys im in 2nd year ID. This is a tea light project, these are my first three prototypes, and they are aimed to towards a high end audience ( above 30 dollars). The project is focused on what value is and how we can add value to a tea light. Mine are wall mounted. my pictures arent great but any comments would be great, thanks guys.
  13. A Mouse wheel? toys for animals are kind of interesting cause all they have really come up with is squeaking toys...there might be some room for creativity in that department

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