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  1. Who knew publication was such a mental minefield? Not me

  2. Is jumping onto an MA course so soon after graduation the best way of going about looking for a career? Your thoughts...

  3. wow - not good for those of you who don't like heights - http://t.co/oE4ZKvcb

  4. Just had a couple of satsumas - one had 25 pips the other had none. Wasn't aware it was possible to get gender specific fruit

  5. the leveson inquiry brings to light some sick things that happen in our society

  6. The #buildingtherevolution exhib @royalacademy is a disappointment- images of derelict buildings & paintings plonked without much thought

  7. Nothing beats vinyl so why do we other with iTunes? digital music is crap. Don't believe me? Then come round mine; bring a bottle.

  8. Why do I want furniture like this? what use would I have for it and is it wrong to want it, it is just so weird. http://t.co/l7Pp5oX4

  9. drawing, drawing, drawing

  10. Really compelling film on #More4 right now

  11. Keyboard shortcut skins - how very cloody useful - if you have a mac atleast - http://t.co/sYob2JUp

  12. No more Silvio. Thank god

  13. PhilipAppleton

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    I can't really see the point in this. Sorry

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