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  1. Newcastle game at Osbournes bar @ Osbornes Bar http://t.co/9FIz5v3L

  2. Movember developments @ PA Technology Centre http://t.co/samods9d

  3. check out these beauty moustaches with @t88nster at PA Cambridge http://t.co/yNPp1fjk http://t.co/MvhJ6vtA

  4. Book Review: Learning Curves, by Klara Sjolen and Allan Macdonald - @Core77 http://t.co/bBchqZKn

  5. Check out this #Movember effort to change the face of men's health http://t.co/GxcF6FEn via @movemberuk

  6. I’ve donated my face to #Movember & men’s health, pls give so it may grow: http://t.co/j7mplwJ6 Theres a fair few at PA in for the ride

  7. Coffee in the park to start my Saturday @ Central Park - The Rocks http://t.co/h7njHG0l

  8. Business baby! @ British Airways Gallery Club Lounge - B Gates http://t.co/MeR8wjLr

  9. See The Evolution of Western Dance Music over the last century in under 20 seconds. http://t.co/97GgSVVy via @ThomsonHolidays

  10. Just like uni days @ PA Technology Centre http://t.co/L8twMMOX

  11. put a sketch on product design forums - first time in years http://t.co/XS4Fte0g

  12. what do you think of this sketch? http://t.co/Z9khHqj4 done on an iPad...

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      tip:add textures onto it,such as fabric mesh or leather


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