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  1. Hey guys, I'd appreciate it if you took a look at www.kraftwurx.com. We are a company that turns your 3D models into figurines through the technology known as rapid-prototyping, or better known as 3D printing. At kraftwurx, 3D developers can upload their models to the store, and anytime a person buys it, the modeler will make money. Kraftwurx serves as a 3D printing company, and a community of 3D modelers that buy and sell models. I'd really appreciate it if you guys took a look, it is an awesome concept! Thanks for the time guys, -Waldo waldo@kraftwurx.com
  2. If you look into companies like Kraftwurx, you can 3D print your designs, allowing you to manufacture your own products!
  3. I know you can make money from selling your designs and working for firms, but there is another way to make a little bit of money. If you guys look into 3D printing, you can sell figurines of your 3D renders. This new technology allows you to manufacture your own models. Have you guys ever been involved with this?
  4. Have you guys ever been involved with 3D printing? I know the technology exists -- printing scale models from designs -- from CAD and other 3D formats. Have you guys been involved with that? One of my team members did this a little while ago with a figurine. He made a man out of ABS plastic haha. What experience do you guys have?

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