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  1. rob_ID11

    Slimmest Touchscreen Reseach

    I was recently shown a video at Uni, that contained some futuristic videos of touch screen displays. They were extremely compact, so perhaps look at ways of improving the compact nature, of the device that you are designing. I also seem to remember, a compact device, that was simply unfolded into a larger screen, that used touchscreen technology. I hope this gives you a few more ideas.
  2. rob_ID11

    First Module Completed!

    Hi guys, new member here! Studying, Product Design at Coventry University. Today I received my grade for the first module, Product Design Exploration! I was very pleased to receive a first class, after working over-time, over the last week or two to make sure everything had been covered! I can now chill out and have a nice break over Christmas!

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