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    architecture, industrial artifacts, sports cars, auto-X, tennis, DIY, real estate

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I was first a Business grad from the Univ of Md and was then accepted for Design studies at both Art Center and CCS, I chose CCS and enjoyed internships at small design consultancies during my studies.


After graduating with Honors from CCS, I started my design career with a position at General Motors Design Staff and completed contract projects from Lego Futura and the City of Detroit during that time.


I then accepted a position with the ID department at Black & Decker, which at the time had been newly energized and was leading the development process with innovation.  I worked with Black & Decker for 12 years, designing products for Crafstman, Delta, DeWALT and Black & Decker while moving within the Black & Decker organization from the Blue Sky Group to Consumer Products to Professional Tools, rising to a Global Manager of Industrial Design & Product Graphics.


In 2002, I began building a virtual team of professionals dedicated to the development of ideas into manufacturable products, which came to be known as theIDEAshop.  Our collection of talent and services expanded and ultimately became Generator - a full service, global Design consultancy with a process and team approach unlike any other in the industry.  We have global reach with a process that allows us to help our clients develop ideas from sketchs to manufactured products.


We can help you generate what's next.


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