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    Universal Design

    I was just wondering if anyone could tell me the different between inclusive design and universal design. The only difference to my understanding is that inclusive design doesn't focus on age or disability as much as universal design. I'm not even sure if that's right. Any help appreciated.
  2. I am a student studying in my second year studying BA Product Design. I have begun applying for a placement year beginning in summer 2012 and am having some trouble with my CV. I have written a 'black & white' CV but now some places I apply for are asking for a 'design' or 'colour' CV. I have looked online at some examples and some of them are truly amazing. what I need help with is what is the best way to do one, because the examples I looked at differed in so many ways. is it better to include a lot of information, or to show your creative side more? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  3. I'm currently studying product design in my 2nd year and have been given a 2000 word essay to complete. The essays title is 'Why do you design?' I know why I design but I don't see how I can write 2000 words on it. We are meant to include roughly 10 to 20 references as well but don't know what to reference that would be relevant. Any help given about what books I should read or how I should structure it would be greatly appreciated.

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