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  1. A Bachelor's would be a great start as well as some experience working side by side with a roofing contractor or architecture firm. This will teach you the fundamentals.
  2. sethcalls

    Design Charity/social Enterprise Idea

    Affiliate marketing might work. How about start with a website first though? You could also work with some churches or philanthropies on getting funded through charitable donations?
  3. It is if you make a name for yourself. If you can build up a great portfolio of houses you will be profitable. Just copy cat other designers. Seth, Orlando Christian Academy
  4. I would break it down into different segments of why you like design. Start out with the principles and then work your way through the different styles of design. Best thing to remember is to break it down into different segments, so it is easier to take in instead of always thinking of "I need 2000 words". Lastly, you can always ask your school for help as well.
  5. Just put in my application for the spring semester! Can't wait to hear back about the industrial design architecture program. Hopefully one day I can be a roofing contractor.
  6. sethcalls

    Design Attractions In Scandinavia

    Copenhagen should have a lot of attractions in denver for designers. Check them out.
  7. sethcalls

    Long Time...

    I am calling that snowmobile goes into the next transformers movie! That's awesome! Seth, MA Auto Insurance
  8. sethcalls

    Design Attractions In Scandinavia

    Hey! I will also be traveling over to their soon. What did you find out for theme park attractions and events? I am looking to plan a wedding over there.
  9. sethcalls

    New Website And Print Portfolio!

    Your portfolio and your website don't seem to be coming up anymore. Just fyi. Seth SEO Companies in Orlando
  10. sethcalls

    Motorcycle Rendering

    Love the rendering of the motorcycle. What did you create this in? And you ever sell it as a template? I could use it for my insurance company's site that specializes in motorcycle insurance.
  11. sethcalls

    Diabetes Watch

    This is one pretty nifty watch. How much does it go for and how accurate is it? I can't have it misread my diabetes condition. Seth, Diabetes Physician in Orlando
  12. sethcalls

    Garden Furniture 02

    hmm, looks kind of easy to make. What are you using the chair for though? It doesn't look too comfortable either.
  13. sethcalls

    Logo Design Portfolio

    My favorites are the programming mastery and the cubular media. Great looking work on the logo design though. If you ever need indoor banners made for your logos let me know!
  14. sethcalls

    Design Exhibitions / Conferences 2011

    I have been to Fuse before. Great event if you are looking to see some of the new great work people are coming out with. Where are you looking to travel too? Anywhere? I can better help you out that way. Brian, Conference Hotels
  15. Nice! I really like the crisp lines and the green color on the white uniforms. I do agree that you should work with a pro football uniforms designer though to get this done. Your designs will look differently in their programs.

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