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  1. The Roland MDX-40A is a desktop Subtractive Rapid Prototyping (SRP) system that offers product designers a major value. At less than half the cost of most additive systems, the MDX-40A produces prototypes out of a wide variety of non-proprietary materials with greater precision and better surface finish. The MDX-40A’s compact design makes it a perfect fit for offices and classrooms. This is a 4 axis mill , i have used it for 4 months and used only to cut soft wax to make statues and toys , it works very precise and flawlessly , the detail is just mind blowing comes with complete training manual and CDs , i have a third party training dvd too which i wil include ,also all the milll bits i have all the above costs around 16,500 usd if u buy new , i am asking 10,000usd , you can contact me at avinash3ds@yahoo.com Thanks for looking http://i576.photobuc...MDX-40Awork.jpg

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