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    How To Develop Creativity

    nice question! Yes creativity is very important in designing. However, creativity cannot be taught and comes from within. The only way you can develop creativity is by joining a good design school that will teach you various aspects of the industry and how to think on this aspects.
  2. Product designing is a part of Industrial designing. Product designing usually comprises of designing exclusive products for various industries. Thus, product designing course is considered to be a division of industrial designing.
  3. DSK ISD is an internationally recognized design school that has created a number of professional designers who are now working with reputed companies and design studios worldwide. The reputed DSK Group from the real estate industry has ventured with the globally recognized French Institute – Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Valenciennois (CCIV), France to conduct courses in the creative fields. Basically originated from ISD France, DSK International School of Design (ISD) in Pune has been established on the foundation of international network and experience.
  4. Industrial Designing and Mechanical Engineering are completely different streams. Industrial Designing is more of designing a product, then be it transportation or consumer product. If you wish to pursue course in Industrial Design then you need to have artistic skills as well as be innovative than just having technical knowledge about the product. Some institutes even offer specializations under Industrial Design which cover product design, transportation design and digital design. Industrial designers are expected to merge the information from their research and use their skills to arrive at a clarification that sells the designed product in the market for several years. DSK ISD is the best designing institute offering courses in product design, transportation design and digital design. It is an internationally recognized design school that originates from France.

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