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  1. Hi Designers, How does one freelance footwear designer charge for a design project ? Let's say to design the outsole of each theme with 3 different color combination for each style. Do you all charge based on hourly ? or based on project's workload ? Please advise and your feedback is much appreciated Have a good one Regards, Ming
  2. Good day Designers, Its been ages since I log on to PDF ! till i cant remember my own login acc and password. Hope everyone here its all well and healthy. I'm seeking for some recommendation from all forumers about any 'Design Attraction' to visit in city like Stockholm, Oslo and Copenhagen ? Places like design expo/exhibitions, design museums, design streets, design retail outlet,etc. I would be flying over to Sweden on the 23rd Oct for a meeting with our clients and spend about 3 days in Stockholm, before flying over to Oslo on the 27th & 28th and then end up in Copenhagen on the 29th before catching a flight back home to Malaysia. It be my pleasure if any of you all out there have been to this part of Scandinavia and your tips and recommendation would be much appreciated. Trying to kill all birds at one go and maximizing the opportunity to embrace the beauty of Scandinavian designs !. Your help is much appreciated. Many thanks. Ming

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