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  1. Teleworking is becoming an increasing popular alternative then commuting to work everyday. But modern build homes do not allow for a designated study space or office space. This leads to a desk in the corner of your living room or bed room which becomes an eye saw of all the wires and paper. I am looking at designing a office/ hobbie room which would be built in the customers garden. This would come under the regulations and requirements to allow it not to need building requirements. But I ask. What would you want. A large flat desk, plenty of shelving or something which can be used as more then just a office. Any comments would be very helpful. Jason
  2. JasonIngram

    Your Daily Commute (Research)

    I am about to start a project, the brief is to design or re-design a product that improves or makes a persons journey more enjoyable. It begins by saying that this can be yours or someone else's. It can be anything from a vehicle to an accessory but the focus is to make the journey more enjoyable. The journey can be any journey from driving a car to walking. Before deciding on the transport I will focus on I wanted to know what you dislike about your daily commute and why? Responses would be greatly appreciated
  3. JasonIngram


    Hi everybody. Id also like to introduce my self. Im a product design student currently studying in my third year. Ive signed up to this forum to bounce ideas and gain knowlege and contacts within the industry. I hope you would engage in some of the conversations I may post Thank you

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