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  1. I am trying to render a water bottle in KeyShot and I know that the body with be a blow molded, transparent, polypropylene body. I know that when you blow mold polypropylene, you get a cloudy sort of look unlike Tritan which is able to give you a very rich color and excellent clarity. I am wondering if anyone has created a keyshot material that best reflects the material properties of PP, and if so would you be willing to either share that material file or tell me how to adjust the material in keyshot.
  2. Hi: I am trying to build a sheet metal hand tool and it made sense to build the tool as a surface and then thicken it later. when i do the thicken comant, I am getting undesired shapes and cuts in the bodie and I was wondering if there is another way that I could build this or another command that i could use to achieve the same desired effect. Here are some photos to show what I am talking about: Thank you for your help! Bryan

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