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  1. Hi everyone, I'm developing a product, I can't exactly tell what it is because it's not yet patented, but it's quite a simple storage item for convenience, similar to a toothbrush case (see attached). It's going to be injection molded, probably in China. It would be great to have some tips on the following points: - The design specifies a high gloss white finish, similar to say, Apple or Nintendo Wii products. And scratchproof if possible. For material I'm thinking ABS, or could PP also give a similar appearance, or maybe another material? - A Chinese molder i've been in contact with says they need 1 degree draft for glossy parts (usually 2 even), is that true for most Chinese molders? Because Protomold says they can do 0.5 degree. But I've even measured a draft as low as 0.35 degrees over 75mm on a simple ballpoint pen, and it doesn't show split lines of a multicavity mold or sliders or other types of tooling. It's probably PP (although I should do one of those burning tests) and the pen looks fine. I attached a picture of what I'm trying to achieve . It's a 0.4 degree draft max. on the cavity without side actions to prevent witness lines. - As the part's draft angles are different for the inside and outside surface, the wall thickness decreases linearly from 1.65 to 1.1 mm. Is that an ok thickness for an ABS part? Any help on these points would be great, since I don't have too much experience with designing for injection molding. Cheers Ralph Zoontjens
  2. Hi there, I am a starting product designer at a small design agency in the Netherlands focused on mobility products. The greatest change for me with student life is having to handle multiple projects, all under continuous supervision of our boss/manager (he sits next to me). It gets quite complex sometimes keeping overview of all the information about all the projects and deciding which actions to take on each of them, and when, and when to communicate for feedback from either co-designers, engineers, the manager, or the clients - I get into contact with them too. I am dealing with things as they go and learning by trial-and-error, but with some good instruction material/tips I think I can make a quantum leap forward here. I just lack the resources.. so my question is: Do you know any good resources on time management, specifically for creative professionals / industrial designers? A search on amazon gives me a lot of general books, so I was wondering if you knew anything more specific. Thanks! - Ralph Zoontjens
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    Sketch Rendering Tutorial

    Sketchbook Pro is a nice program too for this kind of business. It has an ellipse guide, too

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