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  1. Hi, I have entered this contest and explored solutions regarding the internet of things, product customization and the overall user experience while keeping the implementation cost-effective, cleanable, recyclable and durable. Mobility has been a key consideration in my design. You can view the system that I designed here: https://desall.com/Contest/Design-By-Your-Side/Gallery/Bracada--Modular-Hospital-Furniture Your votes are greatly appreciated!
  2. Hi, I have entered a contest exploring the future of hospital furniture in a connected world. During the process we explored solutions regarding the internet of things, product customization and the overall user experience while keeping the implementation cost-effective, cleanable, recyclable and durable. Mobility has been a key consideration in my design. You can view the system that I designed here: https://desall.com/Contest/Design-By-Your-Side/Gallery/Bracada--Modular-Hospital-Furniture Your votes are greatly appreciated!
  3. ralphzoontjens

    What Factors Give A Product Personal Value?

    Interaction is often overlooked. The way a product functions is often determined by its mechanism, and to operate on the mechanism there needs to be a human interaction. This creates a gap between how the device works vs. how the customer thinks it works. You can play with that to leave strong impressions on the customer. Check out the research of Pieter Desmet at the IO Studiolab Delft, he has written a lot about how people relate to products.
  4. ralphzoontjens

    Add Your Industrial Design Blog Here

    I am a product designer from the Netherlands and started a blog section where I will share new developments along design and technology, applied to product design. There is now a first article about 3D printing. Upcoming are posts about materials, composites, drones and footwear design. https://designsoulblog.wordpress.com
  5. ralphzoontjens

    Best Marker Colors To Start With

    Get at least 3 cool greys; 2, 4, and 8 are my base picks. Get cadmium orange and a vermillion red. An ice blue for sky reflections, a sand for ground reflections. Add acid green and you have a strong base set. What I have is Copic marker C2, C4, C8, YR07, YG07, B12 and E33. Also check ebay, craigslist and local stores for deals. Also if you get to the UK, markers are much less expensive there, I bought dozens of Letraset markers for less than a pound each.
  6. ralphzoontjens

    Myermoto Air

    Nice design exploration and great sketches - I imagine this to be a fleet of a public rental car service system and you're moving towards an interesting design territory. I like how you create many interruptions in the surfaces with a lot of tension but it is a bit overdone, also in real life the body will look quite bulky. Of course the idea of an electric car continuously making sound is great. Do we have to attune the entire body to the whistling or can we gain much more freedom in design and, say, have whistling mirrors. I would want to be able to attune the pitch and volume with a dashboard control.
  7. ralphzoontjens

    Wooden Lamp

    It's a very cute design and nice way to incorporate what looks like bamboo. Bamboo is a very innocent material and that is exactly what the lamp conveys. Technically it can work with proper weight distribution and positioning can work just by the friction of spacers on the screws. It will be very lightweight. Think about laser cutting for manufacturing - it will be a success if you can get your brand carried into stores.
  8. ralphzoontjens

    Designing A Watch - In Progress

    Hi Guys, I like the idea of a paired watch product especially for couples and the custom engraving. I see couples do this and most of the time they choose for complementary designs; the man gets the brown watchband and white face, the woman the white band and brown face. Of course people can always claim their guarantee since there is no proof they are together or not. But I like the idea - 1. you see that someone is in a relationship and 2. you get to know who is with who, say at big parties and events. To become successful as a watch brand you need a strong and simple brand that speaks. Take o'clock watches for example, a brand that started small but really took off with their silicone designs. Your brand feels very Italian while you are claiming Dutch design - see if you can imbue more of that into the watch. Think for example about rounding the corners a bit, redesigning the logo and hands to be more modern. Communicate something unexpected through shape or material. I like the second hand and proportions of the hand. Design D is my favorite, it is modern and emphasizes the round face the best. The design to stand out needs lots more work - I like the curved shape but it needs more detail. Also the material needs to dictate the design more, for example slight bevels on the edges work beautifully with brushed metals, also think about anodized aluminum for multiple colors. Also it is very thin, it needs a bit more body to it. Keep up the progress! PS I am a designer based in Tilburg, check my website www.designsoul.nl
  9. ralphzoontjens

    3D Footwear Design Software - Help

    A lot of big footwear companies (NB, Adidas, Reebok) use Geomagic Freeform. It's not free but you can start with a trial. Also consider Icad3D+ or learn Rhinoceros which has a free fully-functioning 180-day student trial. You will be able to find more information on the website of the main Dutch footwear design school; http://www.slem.nl/ Keep us posted on the design; will you be implementing interchangeable soles and/or 3D printing?
  10. There are different standards, these cables come in all kinds of sizes. There are some good models available on Grabcad as they regularly launch 3D design competitions for electronic devices. As a designer I find 1.5m a great cable length.
  11. Hi, I am wondering what the best material would be to use as a wristband for young children. It needs to fully enclose a PCB enclosure, probably by overmolding. It also needs a high quality look and feel, non transparent and colorable and printable (logos/graphics). For reference, check Disney's Magicband: This is overmolded TPU, and meant to be worn only for a few days and then disposed of. I am wondering if this material would also be suited for more long term use, mechanically (take into account biting/chewing) but also hygienically. Is there another interesting material besides TPU, maybe a high strength silicone grade? Any tips greatly appreciated! Thanks, Ralph
  12. Hi, I'm interested in creating a watchband, similar to the 'O clock' watches. Does anyone here have experience with such products? I have several issues I am not sure about: - I was initially thinking of Silicon but isn't that more expensive to produce than a TPE or polyurethane rubber? - How do you think the O clock watch is made? The parting line is on the side, as you can see in the photo. Would it be a mold with 1 static part and 3 movable parts? - Does TPE react to skin oils or cause irritation because of additives? Is it ok for repeated stretching? To what extent are undercuts in the mold possible? - We are now mostly interested in polyurethane rubber (AU) or Silicone, what are specific advantages/disadvantages of those in your experience? Any other suggestions or tips are also welcome! Thanks, Ralph
  13. ralphzoontjens

    Industrial Design @ Tu/e

    I see that these are very old posts, but I am able to reply to any questions about this program since I have completed both my Bachelor and Master education there, and will be employed as a student coach as of this September. In general, I think it is a great program because of its unique model and the variety of people available to assist with projects. It is very progressive and more and more societally-relevant in its scope of project content, you are very much stimulated to think outside the box and come up with entirely new concepts based on new technologies and user interaction styles. It is still a quite young program of course, and things continue to change and improve, but it is very ambitious and combines many fields of knowledge into its education. The classical subjects like materials science and physics are a little underemphasized compared to other, more hardcore industrial design programs, but this is because there has to be a lot of room also for things like electronics design, AI, interaction design, and user research, which are more and more relevant fields for industrial designers today. A main 'feature' of this course is that you get coached individually, and create personal development plans, so you are able to design also yourself as a designer. And if you want to go more towards the classical industrial designer and become an expert in materials/physics/manufacturing etc., this is possible too. But you may also come to profile yourself more like a software or interaction designer, a researcher, or even as an independent artist who works with new technologies to create interactive installations.
  14. ralphzoontjens

    Autogyro Or Gyrcopter Project...

    This is great to see! I don't know much about gyrocopters but can I ask, why is the tail attached so low to the body, is that a packaging issue? Are the body shells made out of polyester?
  15. ralphzoontjens

    Advice Needed For Hiring Design Freelancers

    Waikit made a very important clarification there (thanks for that) You will want to think about how much added value industrial design can bring to your product/brand. If design is a critical purchase factor in your target market then it may be worth to invest more in it. On the other hand, if it's only to make it look a bit better and the main competitive value of your product lies in functionality/technology/materials then it might suffice to hire a designer to make a few sketches and simply pick one, instead of going into an elaborate process. In general I do think it's a good idea to have an industrial designer involved from the beginning, and develop the 'big idea' together with the designer as sometimes they will have the crucial insight that makes the product a success in the end. The industrial designer is often a bridge between the end user and technology, between emotion and reason, you could say. It sometimes gets underestimated how difficult that role can be. People in general don't seem to be willing to pay much for design but when they understand better how significant it can be this might change. Anyway, for this project you are looking to have a few sketches made and then one converted into a 3D conceptual rendering. I think that should be clear for any designer after reading your description. Then as Waikit mentioned you want to talk about the big idea, and include end user's requirements. As far as I see it you should be looking at around $1,000, if you hire a freelancer and not a professional firm. Cheers and good luck. -Ralph

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