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    Rigid, Light, Shiny, Paintable!

    Apparently Matt gold is also an option. We did a few tests and our favorite so far is the gold and silver wrapping paper you get, we calculated that it falls at about 0.5 m/s, which is a good velocity. What i need is something of a similar weight, but that can be rigid, as it would be better if the bits didn't completely loose their shape.
  2. Hello! I'm working on an interesting project and i was hoping i could get some advice on materials. We have to make a kind of snowstorm inside an enclosed box, the air flow and fan position we have figured out (at least in principle) having done some simulations in Catia. It was my hope that i could get some advice on what material we could use for the 'snow'. The brief is that these objects should be shiny and gold, they also should be able to be cut into quite specific shapes, one of which is a snowflake. What i'm looking for is something that is light and rigid, that can be cut or moulded to an appropriate shape and either comes in or can be finished in an appropriate style. Any suggestions will be much appreciated, Thanks Alex
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    Hey, My name is Alex I work at www.seeper.com and i like making stuff!

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