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  1. Hey all, I used to be on this forum when I was a Junior High School student who had the username "Clear-Slider." I was proud of my design at the time but it got lots of flack, and I realize now how silly it is. Anyhow, I now am self-taught in designing and sketching 3d models. I can even improvise designs. However, I chose to pursue my college degree at Colorado State University (I'm a Freshman currently) in Mechanical Engineering. The school has a specialty motorsport engineering facility and two professors write for SAE. All throughout my childhood, I was dead-set on industrial design. I thought all body designs were purly industrial design and done by artists. However, I found out in my junior year of high school that supercars, race cars, airplanes, and boats have bodies designed in large part by mechanical engineers rather than industrial designers for the sake of structural efficiency and fluid dynamics. For example, the Ferrari 458 Italia is mostly done from science and math so that the car optimizes it's downforce and drag. I am certainly suffering currently in college, Mechanical Engineering is INSANELY hard. I studied 25 hours for my last Calculus test and I am hoping to get at least a 70% so it will curve to a high B or low A. I study about 30-35 hours per week, and my course load will get way heavier from here. I think the main difference between industrial design vs. Mechanical engineering is Art vs. Science/math. Function follows Form for designers, and vice versa is true for engineers. I just know engineers have a way harder time in college and our grading standards are completely different. Eventually a failing grade will be considered good in classes like Fluids or Thermo, with mega test and class curves.

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