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  1. b macneil

    What Software Are Toy Designers Using?

    Thanks Liori, I had a demonstration from the people at Auto desk for Alias and Invetor I can see there are some advantages to the software and we are considering a purchase. Inventor seems to have more reliable fillet commands and some other useful tools for analysing your model. the software is ten times more expensive then Rhino/ T-splines but i'm not sure its that much better, hope some one can provide any more info. on this. we are also looking at Sensables free form for doing organic models, does any one have any experience with this? Jasun this tool looks great for jointed models heres a demo of an action figure, http://www.sensable.com/documents/documents/Workflow_Toys_ActionFigure.pdf
  2. b macneil

    What Software Are Toy Designers Using?

    Thank you, this is really helpful information. I've made a few models for a company that i started recently started working for and had sent their factory some heavy stl. files hoping they would be able to take it from there. they said they would take way to long to convert to them any thing they could use , so I then decimated the original Zbrush files and went through the process of converting them to a polysurface for stp. export in rhino. it was succecful but they haven't been received by the factory for tooling yet so im hoping they are usable, the analyse tools in rhino will give me the volume and they appear to be solid. I redesigned them in rhino as well for back up but I'm hoping the originals will be suitable, they have a much more organic feel. Im still really new at producing models for plastic injection molds so im trying to figure out what the limitations are and what tools are out there. the company has been looking at other software options as well, can I ask what solid works has over rhino or any of the auto desk options? Im meeting with the auto desk sales people later this week and im trying to do some research before then.
  3. b macneil

    What Software Are Toy Designers Using?

    Hi Lior, Thank you for the feed back I use t-splines but it still does not give you the freedom of brush based sculpting tools I found this interview on my continued search with Joe Menna , he talks about using Zbrush for his digital sculpts for manufacturing toys along with other programs. his work is great and i've seen some of his work around in comic shops, pretty amazing stuff. I guess im looking for any information on this sort of workflow and getting the files prepared for manufacturing. http://www.cgchannel.com/2011/05/qa-joe-menna-batman-sculptor/ Thanks again, Bryan
  4. Hello, im new to this forum and was wondering if any one had information to share on what software toy companys are using to develop new products, specifically more organic designs like ,action figures or the types of toy characters you would find at Mcdonalds(suitable for injection molding) I'm using Rhino at the moment and have used Zbrush for a few years making props for theme parks but the two programs don't work as seamless as you would think are needed for a toy production work flow. ive seen an example from solidworks that fisher price was using their software but most of there designs are blocky and colud be done in almost any cad software. does Mcfarlane toys use injection molding? if so how would they get hard molds made from there sculpts? most factorys seem to be using cad engineering software to make their molds and require stp files not stl. if your working in Rhino, solidworks or inventor/alias this is fine, but they are not capable of making expressive characters suitable for plastic injection molding. is there any software that allows you to work on a mesh and convert it to a polysurface that can be exported in STP format. any info on inventor and mudbox? any information would be greatly appreciated or links to any other forums? Thank you

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