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    suma got a reaction from Amirikano in Adidas Versus   
    hi..great effort..something in my mind about the concept,why do u make it for left and right handed people? when the ussual perfume bottle can be used for those both type of people. it frustate the company when u sell it not in one package. for example : the right handed one will probably get the most selling than the left handed one.
    i think it better if u wrote its a 1 design package and people who buy it get 2 design shape in one package.
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    suma got a reaction from admin in My Portfolio   
    hei dicky,salam kenal..
    i would think it is best if u could presented more of the sketch process and idea in portfolio,or just go straight forward with 3d and real product. some company would like to see sketch ,some would like to see "where's the result,or where's the 3d"
    and try not to slank the word like cheetah into seetah or something.i think it make the product lame,whats up with indonesian lecture they never remind us of that kind of things,some were encouraging us to to so .

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