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  1. Previewdump.com is a nice alternative for some of us know as codedpreview.com. Badly codedpreview.com is now offline and because of the high usage of the website, I would like to offer you a free and good compare able alternative: http://previewdump.com/home?lang=en For them who don't know what coded preview.com was. It was an upload service that provides to upload you design like it was coded in html/css, very nice and usefull to show you designs to your costumers, friends and on forums like these. We would like to know what you think of the site. I have used many elements of PP and I've (in my own opinion) built with these a nice website. I have there permissions to use these element and I would like to hear what you think about the website Not all pages are totally finished even as the language system, we are still working to get als the bugs out of it. If you might find something like bugs, please let us know. Previewdump

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