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    3D, animation, modeling, 3DS MAX, Maya
  1. taklamakan

    Modeling A Gas Mask

    Good effort!
  2. taklamakan

    Jewelry Design

    What kind of material are you planning to use to construct such jewelry? Remember some materials cannot be shaped to certain dimensions. Anyway, your drawing look pretty good - hardcore style
  3. taklamakan

    What Wine Is Your Best One?

    My one is: Diamond Creek 1997 Gravelly Meadow Cabernet Sauvignon Diamond Mountain - Napa Valley, CA For more info about me visit www.hypernovadesign.com
  4. taklamakan

    Presentation Tips...

    Great brochure brian. Regarding your amazing automobile vehicle... how long do you need to charge it to drive for few hours? Thanks for the website, I was looking for similar free website to publish my brochures and I came to the right place.
  5. taklamakan

    My Project Almost Done!

    These look like scientific pens to me or syringes or... what would they be for?
  6. taklamakan

    3D Photo Frame

    Nice work. Very creative though!
  7. taklamakan

    A Full Hubless Bicycle

    Especially the front one!
  8. taklamakan

    Audi E Tron

    Thanks for your creative comments. This is my very old project, as you see - not finished. Now, I am getting back to 3D so hope I will post some updats on this car shortly.
  9. taklamakan

    Audi E Tron

    Made in 3DS MAX
  10. taklamakan


    Hi everybody, I am from UK but born in Poland. I finished Computer Graphics course last year. I am good at 3DS MAX. Looking forward to get some friends here.

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