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  1. I Studied first year of Bsc robotics at the University of Reading. I felt the same thing, the univesities are lagging behind what the market really needs and wants, so I dropped out got a part time job and began learning Industrial design and concept art, while increasing my solidworks/plm 3d modelling skills, so I'm freelacing right now as a CAD designer, and have a part time job. No regrets.
  2. jjssj

    Computer Advice

    CPU:Get the i7 2600k £227 Lga 2011 MOBO: Gigabyte GA-X79-UP4. £185.82 GPU: Sapphire RADEON HD 6850 2 GB £140 CASE: Coolmaster haf 922 £67 Ram: Corsair Memory Dominator Platinum 8GB DDR3 1866 MHz £73.39 PSU: Cosair TX 850w v2 (Unchanged) 106 HDD: WD 1tb 87.99 (I would add a 64gb ssd) All programs saved on the 1tb Microsoft Windows 8 Enterprise (Not sure of price) or even pro which is £80, again not sure if its x64 (Added £100 to the total) Approx Total £987 These prices are all from different places, best way to reduce cost. You get more bang for you buck sticking with sandy bridge. Plus if in the future you want to overlcock the 2600k would be a breeze with the cosair h100. Anything below the quadro 4000 is a waste, stick with retail gaming gpu's until you can afford a high end quadro, Amd GPU's are somewhat superior at rendering than Nvidia gpu's apart from their high end quadro series. DVD driver: Do you still really use a dvd drive? Everthing is on the cloud (rapidshare, mediafire, skydrive etc..) If you do get a simple dvd-rw unless your using it constantly, try going cloud save alot of time and money/ use a usb flash drive. Hope this helps, if you want anymore advice just ask currently building my 4th PC build.
  3. Not in the position to help with the design. Really think about the business. Who your target market is will there be better alternatives without the cumbersome finger sensor. Check out the basis band they've been building their health watch for a while, it isn't released yet. However it seems it will be a winner. Hope this information helps you, all the best of luck.
  4. Composite materials such as fibre reinforced polymers, ABS. Find out what materials are used in the industry, phone/email etc.. Polycarbonate is expensive in raw form and to manufacture,find a suitable blend of polycarbonate and another polymer. As you don't need the maximum impact resistance PC gives you. Metals Mild powder coated steel, again this is just speculation from your brief. Hope it helps Go to google books, lots of books on plastics.
  5. jjssj

    3D Printing

    I'm in the market for one too. For around £5,000. Difficult of obtaining something descent with a large build surface and good resolution. Leapfrogs Xeed, seems to be the one I'm looking at. Saw the beast at TCT live show in NEC(Birmingham) a few weeks ago. I managed to have a quick look at it. From some research, I've come to the conclusion its the best all rounder for the price. 80 microns per layer, abs/pla/pva., large build area.Two extrusion heads, however hasn't got the option for two colors to print right now, however leapfrog is releasing an update, so it will be able to print in two colors soon. Any ideas/suggestions. The main parts that will be built will be customer prototypes and a low cost 3d printing service for students and engineers/designers etc...
  6. Yep just got solidworks 2013. AutoDesks autocad/inventor sketchbook designer etc.. is great to use if you do not want to use other packages.

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