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  1. WaresProductDesign

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  2. WaresProductDesign

    Bath Concept

    Great visual design, really aesthetically pleasing but I also question the point of being able to move it.However I do look forward to seeing how you integrate the plumbing systems into the project.
  3. WaresProductDesign

    Outdoor Tree Chair

    would it not tip forward when you sit on it? surely it would need a locking mechanism at the top? surely would it not be better have it on a rope system to allow for the different height in tree branches?
  4. WaresProductDesign

    apple console

    I agree with Carl, the controller is a big part of the design.look at the Nintendo 64 controller (a disaster). I also question the use of an apple console, there aren't many MAC games!Or would the console be able to play a number of game formats such as PC Xbox and play station?I know is may be just an idea but it is something to take into consideration!
  5. WaresProductDesign


    "The name is not very 'innovative' neither is the logo, but I am a product designer not a graphic designer/marketeer." I personally don't agree with this, as a product designer you need to be a jack of all trades able to switch between design ,graphics etc.It is however good that you acknowledge this an is perhaps something you can look into improving upon for the future! ( I don't mean to be negative about it) as for the idea , I quite like it, it reminds me very much of these torches though http://www.scopepromo.co.za/?page_id=3697 also would the clip be be ergonomic enough in the palm of the hand? How many times would you need to pump the handle to give the phone a basic charge? or to make a call?
  6. WaresProductDesign


    This is a really good idea. I like is multi functionality and that you have took into consideration the product life cycle ( I.E allowing it to evolve with the growth of the child). Designing for sustainability and re-usability is always a Hal mark of a good idea.At Wares design we are currently working on several baby related projects, so this design is very interesting to us!If you want any advice at all drop us an email! Cheers Wares Product Design http://www.waresdesign.com/

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