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  1. The sheer attention to detail…the delightful twist that makes it patentable and unique…the total command over the manufacturing…makes this multi-award winning product sell over 100,000 in its first year. Traditional thinking and design ‘rules’ say this product isn’t possible…good product design asks “what if?” This delightful product is robustly functional, and moreishly tactile. Its juicy, it’s easy to use and it’s made beautifully. Designed, manufactured, delivered by 3form Design, the Wean Machine is now sold in over 60 countries worldwide. click here for more info
  2. How to BUY design...tips on getting the best from a product design company. A great blog, uncomplicated, unpretentious, straight-talking advice Author: Austen Miller, Senior Partner of 3form Design and BDI Director www.austenmiller.co.uk

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