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  1. I'd like to get an opinion on what the most logical option is for doing "sketch" modeling of automotive/hard surfaces. I have several years experience in Solidworks and have some experience in Alias. I'm planning to do final surfaces in Alias and import to SW to be handed off for production parts. For frame of reference, this is for a motorcycle that has production databases in SW. I'll be styling the tank, seat, tail section, fairing. What I'm wondering is, what is the best software package to use for doing quick sketch modeling for early ideation and peer review? The 3 logical options I can think of 1. Get faster at Alias to the point that rough surfaces/models can be turned out at a rapid pace 2. Learn a new package that has a bias toward speed rather than production/class-A precision... Modo? Z-Brush? - I'm very open to suggestions here. 3. Work in physical mockups instead, logically (per the application) automotive clay - though my skill level here will also demand time investment and the purchase of a 3D scanner. Thanks in advance!
  2. robprickett

    Serious Portfolio Review Needed - Hit Hard.

    I see; Maybe I've been hesitant of appearing sloppy - I find most of those pages (Nugent's) to be just that (yet I love IDSketching.com)- Ive got tons of really rough sketches like this in notebooks, but I guess I felt they looked to rough to be presented. Perhaps I will revise my perspective on the matter. Let me see what I can put together in the next week or two; I'll follow up when I have something formatted to run past you. Thanks, Rob
  3. robprickett

    Serious Portfolio Review Needed - Hit Hard.

    Cyberdemon, I see what you're saying; Glad I could get your advice. Would you have any reference material for me to look at, like a good example of a convincing presentation illustrating what you described? - I know I've seen some samples of this, but never in the context of quality drawings, usually just badly drawn primitives with slight variations. I would be interested in what your opinion would be if I was applying at Motorola; what holes would you poke if I was interviewing to design electronics? Also, I did just finish up this project; I wonder if it adds credibility along the lines of what you're talking about: http://www.behance.net/gallery/Cafe-Sportster/2011459 (Click to Enlarge Images) Thanks a ton! -Rob
  4. robprickett

    Sketching Software?

    Wacom, Wacom, Wacom. Get a Cintiq if you have the $$$ They start at $1000 and the 12" is very capable. Otherwise check out the Intuos line. They are great too, you will just need to get used to not looking at your hand while drawing... steeper learning curve but just as useful.
  5. Portfolio: http://www.robprickett.com/ Need a serious review. Please do not hold back. Shooting for Junior/Associate Designer positions. I'm getting inquiries and interviews but falling short on the hire. Before I completely call it bad interviewing skills (which is probably a factor) I want to hear perspective from professionals. Please do not reply unless you have at least 2 years experience OR have hiring power. Thanks! Rob

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