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  1. Orlando M.

    Designs for a 3-wheeled supercar

    Hello, my name is Orlando M. I'm holding a contest for 3-wheel designs for a futuristic looking electric-hybrid Supercar and its crest/emblem, with cash prizes for the first, second and third winners. The contest is open to design students in any level. We are looking for the best talent. Here is an opportunity to add some experience to your portfolio. I want to bring to life the winning design along with my team of engineers. The vehicle is going to be made of light materials like a carbon fiber monocoque chassis and a carbon fiber body. The interior is going to have all the details and the dash will have a digital touch screen. The body will have air intakes on the hood, roof and the sides. The vehicle will be powered by a three wheel electric motor drive system, a battery pack and an on board biodiesel generator. To register in the contest, email me at orlandom@hush.com and you'll get an email back with a package that has more detailed information about the design, as well as pictures to give you a better idea of what my team and I are looking for, such as information on how we'd like the crest/emblem to look, and a legal document to sign for use of your design to build the vehicle if you win, along with the winning prize information.
  2. Orlando M.

    Avions Voisin Concept Car

    What a talent, love the front end.
  3. Orlando M.

    Maserati Fractal

    Pure talent, keep it up.
  4. Orlando M.

    Face To Face Deckchair

    Love this design, perfect to relax on vacation.
  5. Orlando M.

    Need Help With Sketches

    Thank you advancedboy, will be more than happy to work with a talented designer like your self. We can start by designing this aircraft. Like to see some super cars sketches from you. Orlando M.
  6. Orlando M.

    Need Help With Sketches

    Hi everyone, I have been surfing this web site for a while now and I have to say, I have lots of appreciation for the hardcore talent here. That's why I decided to ask for some help on a project that I'm working on. I need some sketches for an aircraft that I would like to build. My background is working on cars. I foam sculpt and clay model them and then build them. Here is a Youtube link to my latest creation: a replica of the Bugatti Veyron, Also you can go to my facebook page http://www.facebook.com/orlando.m.exodus?sk=photos and see many pictures of my work. If anyone is available to help, please email me at extrememachinesinc@gmail.com or send me a pm Thanks in advance from Orlando M.
  7. Hi there friend. I have been looking at your design jobs and they look very good. Just like to know if is possible or if you have the time to sketch an aircraft model for a project tha I have. Thanks in advance.


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