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  1. As a designer I'm always thinking of ideas for products and spend time designing and prototyping them. I'd really like to get the better ones to market but don't really want to get heavily involved in manufacturing and distribution as I have neither the time or money. It would also be nice to make some money from these designs too. Does anyone know of any companies that could handle the manufacturing and distribution if I was to find customers (i.e. through kickstarter) or if there are any websites or companies where I could sell the rights of the design for a one-off fee and/or royalties? Also, does anyone have any experience with registering designs? Either themselves or via a company? As with anything legal, I don't want to try and do it myself and screw it up. Any related help/advice would also be much appreciated.
  2. BFresh

    Portfolio - Where Am I Going Wrong?

    Thanks for the tips. I usually send prospective employers a CV and link to my website. Putting together a PDF portfolio to send as well sounds like a good idea too. My way of design thinking is quite mechanical and detail focused, I guess that's my style and what makes me different. My course was more mechanically focused that traditional BA courses. I will try to get that across more on my site. I was aiming for quality rather than quantity, hence why it doesn't look like 4 years of work, but I will add more work as and when. There are mixed opinions about how much work to show. What do you think of my blog? good idea? I use it to show current projects, review things, and share links. Cyberdemon, I noticed that you are from NY. The impression that I get is that NY is the capital for Industrial Design (in the US), and that Industrial Design is better known and understood by industries in the US. Here in the UK, it feels like product design, which I see as one of the many ID specialist areas, is barely understood, let alone ID. When I tell people I'm a designer they immediately say graphic, web, or interior, or if I say Industrial Designer they think engineering. Most of the ID websites I look at seem to be from the US. Do you think there is a difference between ID in the US and UK? Are the standards of graduates different in the US and UK?
  3. Recycled Aeroplanes as homes - Its ideas like this that give me hope for a sustainable society http://tumblr.com/xlm3zvnuxz

  4. Please take a look at my portfolio website and be as critical as possible. I've got a first class honours degree in Design Technology BSc plus other useful qualifications, good experience considering I graduated in 2009, a natural understanding and flair for design - I consider myself to be an above average and strong all rounder for my career level. Despite this, I'm really struggling to even get interviews. I would be grateful for any useful criticism of my personal website/portfolio, especially anything glaringly obvious which you as a designer would be put off by. Visit my site here - Fresh Design Works Thanks, Ben

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