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  1. Hi everyone, I am working on a project designing a boiling water tap. I have talked with a lot of tap suppliers and I am making progress. I have now been asked to design our own tap so we have full control over the parts. I am new to tap design, so I was hoping there is someone who could point me in the right direction with how to design certain components. Is there any rules that I need to stick to, guidelines, etc... Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  2. Littledave

    Boiling Water Tap?

    I am looking into possible projects for my final year. I have been interested in these hot taps for a while now the only problem I am facing is how to make mine stand out??? I am going to put a question to anyone who wants to answer it. If you could put a feature on the tap what would it be and why? I think safety is going to be the biggest issue with this, as the tap can dispense up to 98 degree water. Also the price of some of them is unbelievable... Range from £500 - 5000. They all do the same job. Give you boiling water on tick. Thanks in advance for all your feedback Cheers Dave
  3. Littledave

    Cad Software?

    I am about to go into my third year at university. I believe I have a good understanding of a variety of design programs including Solidworks, 3DS Max, Photoshop, CAD etc... But after looking at potential employers and points of contact. I have found that a lot of people are interested in candidates who can use Rhinocerous. It is not a program I have used previously. I would just like a bit of info. Is it worth learning this program? What are the benefits? Has anyone who has used this program got any examples of work. Any information would be fantastic. Thanks Dave
  4. I am about to start my third year at University and have been researching topics for my dissertation. My mind is boggled with all the possible topics. I want to aim my dissertation at the motor industry. If any one has any good possible start points it will be very much appreciated. Cheers Dave

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