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  1. powers


    Government and other guidelines stress that once a child is able to do any amount of climbing he or she should be moved from a crib to a bed. Oh well, it's worked nicely for us.
  2. powers


    posts 1? aw, man. I have to start all over?
  3. powers


    Still a couple details to work out and a little paint, but it's a bed now! The gap at the foot of the bed will be a shelf for putting books and stuffed animals and the like on. I am still having some issues figuring out the extra supports are going to work, but it's solid enough for now. The bed is pretty high, and the only other thing I have to make is the step stool/stabilizer that will slide in where the two halves meet.
  4. powers

    Lamborghini Presa

    And the last one...
  5. powers

    Lamborghini Presa

    Hey, sorry, I had these other two the other day, but they wouldn't all fit in the post and there is some sort of rapid post blocker, so I didn't feel like waiting around and got distracted with other stuff! Glad my post wasn't too offensive! I think the design is really nice - not only that, but *mostly* realistic, something you don't see too often around here from auto concepts!
  6. powers

    Lamborghini Presa

    First of all I just want to say great job. I love the overall design (and I'm not that big on Lambo to begin with). Your rendering skills are also some of the best I've ever seen. And before I dig in with some critique points I would also point out that the wheels are perfect. They really play off the theme of the car well. I'm going to do this Advancedboy style with some red line action. I'm really only doing this because I like the design, and I'd like to see it refined a little. I see you've already got some good criticism, and some of the points I'm pointing out have already been mentioned, but here goes. By the way, I understand what you're trying to do with the wheel arches - drawing from the 70s & 80s era stuff but having the peak at the top like that divides the opening equally visually, making it appear stationary and un-interesting - not good for a super car.
  7. powers


    Not Apple. Slap a lion on it and submit it for Peugeot contest. Nice job.
  8. powers

    My Door Stop Project - Plop"

    Hey, I don't know what's up all these a-hole's a-holes, but I like the concept. I think you probably didn't give a lot of explanation as to some benefits or advantages. I like it because it's a fun alternative to to the average BLAH door stoppers. Plus, the rubber on those things eventually wears out and needs to be replaced, but usually you just have to replace the whole stopper. With this design you can even change the look for the season - Christmas, Haloween etc. Or you can even just put a black rubber ball or cylinder and go with the classy look. Great idea. I'll take six.
  9. Coroflot. At least we're better than Craig's ListTM But seriously, I've had a coroflot page for years now, and while job requests are spotty, they do happen, and two times out of a hundred they're actually legit job offers - which is actually decent numbers. Two things to keep in mind: 1. Update a lot. This keeps you at the top of the pile. Rarely do people go digging to page 598 2. Things take Time. I've been communicating with a woman who found me on coroflot for probably two years now. Earlier this summer things finally hit the ground and it's turned into a string of jobs, one of which I'm about to try and get some feedback here from pdf's in a minute. So definitely do it, just remember, it's not magic. It's just the internet.
  10. powers

    Light Weaver

    Really cool stuff, how was the final model produced?
  11. powers


    Love the concept of the lines breaking apart and aligning at 12. My crit would be that the form and details are considerably unrefined. I understand that it's supposed to be modern and clean, but it still needs a lot of refinement. study how watches are put together - it's missing some of those cool details that make a really nice watch a really nice watch. You can do it without being tacky.
  12. powers

    Illegal Racing

    Only decent part of the design IMO.
  13. powers

    Ostoure - The Super-naked Bike

    That's wicked hot. And futuristic. Not my style maybe, but pretty sweet.
  14. powers


    Yes.... In a few months probably! I still have a couple details to work out as far as the bed goes, but I wanted my daughter to get to use it in crib mode before she outgrew it!
  15. powers

    Skeleton Light

    Nice work. Tops.

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