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  1. Hi I don't know if your still looking for a CAD program but I am in a similar situation to you in that I teach SolidWorks but can't afford it for my own work. I have just started to getting into Rhino and I do miss a lot of things from Solidworks but mainly I'm just not used to Rhino yet... But as a teacher I could get the Educational version of Rhino (around $300 AUS) the great thing about the educational version is that you can use it for commercial work (the only difference between the versions is that you can't sell the actual educational software to someone else) So depending on where/how much you are teaching you could get the education version.
  2. Nice work, really good to see how you carry the theme through the products especially like the wall tap.
  3. tobi.

    Follo Washbasin Design

    Looks really nice very clean design I think lowering the grove count helped too, great photos btw
  4. tobi.

    New Way To Tell The Time?

    Hi I like the idea of a visual representation of the time left in the day. I've not seen your first concept before, the idea for you second one has been really nicely implemented in a screen saver (the one I am currently using) and can be found here pixelbreaker_polarclock Interesting that you chose the watch to light up as the day goes by instead of the other way, I think that choice has quite an affect on the feeling you would get from using it. Anyway keep at it
  5. tobi.

    Olo Cd Display

    Hi that link doesn't seem to work but if you go to the homepage you can still see a pic of the CD holder. It's always sad to see and idea you came up with has been done before. I made a wall mount for CDs a few years ago for school and I think it's a really easy way to find CDs and to put them away when you can't find the case. And for blank CDs etc. I just screw an old spindle to the wall - works great (if you don't care about your walls )
  6. That would be great if you could just PM me or something when you've got the book, thanks a lot
  7. Hi I agree that Rhino is very good value especially if you get it as a student since it actually is a commercial license except at reduced price and that you can't resell it, that said I find I prefer SW but it depends on what you want to do with it, having both would be great. I can't say much about Alias or proE as I don't have much experience with them but you can download a 30-day free trial of proE so I'd give it a look. JD Mather, that book you mentioned by Howard and Musto, does it come with a copy of Solidworks PE, one that just lasts longer than the normal 90 days or is it different, also at Amazon they don't mention any trial software coming with it at all, is that right? Thanks.
  8. tobi.

    Bike Adapter

    I'd say the top one too - nice design btw
  9. tobi.

    Your Two Cents Is Much Appreciated

    Hi I really like your sketching style, it's good to see a lot of sketches especially the progression of your ideas looking at different possibilities - I think the boot concept shows this the best. Small point but on the last image of the kitchen I don't know if it's the perspective but I don't think I would trust that chair to not tip over easily. Hope you find a good job
  10. tobi.

    Marker Car Sketch

    Great sketches and the line quality, freehand, no overlays :clapping: Also I like your gray maker renders, I think they look better than full renders which can take away from a good sketch and make it feel rigid. Thanks for posting your stuff, a good encouragement for me to practice, a LOT
  11. tobi.

    Engio's Portfolio

    Hi engio had a look at your portfolio (I prefer the carbonmade navigation to the coroflot). I actually really liked the parking ticket machine, there is a lot of interface design about that could do with a rethink also the glowing watch render looks good. I would add some more quick sketches (I have to do that on my site too) like you've got for the drill and maybe some progress screen shots of proE or what ever you are using - I think shots like the one of the headphones in parts are a good idea.
  12. tobi.

    New Porsche Cayenne

    Nice, I like it a lot more than the existing Cayenne definitely more Porsche like - clean lines. I agree with what turbofrog said about the proportions (but most concept sketches have exaggerated proportions and look better than the finished car anyway). btw the wheels look :specool:
  13. tobi.

    My Portfolio - Momel Design

    Thanks for the reply Matthias Glad you like the site/work and the crits are very helpful - A loading bar is really needed but I had trouble getting it to work in flash, I'll have to get a friend to give me a hand, and I'll definitely put some more personal-info in and some product descriptions. BTW I had a look at your site - very easy to navigate and you get a glimpse of you work straight away without going through any menus. I like the Malaria booklet (my friend recently got Malaria on a trip to Africa - he sould have had one). Just a quick point I couldn't access any of the essays in your written section. Cheers
  14. tobi.


    Hi nice sketches, this is the first time I've looked at your topic and got to see a few years progress in a few minuets. Practice is so important to good sketching - keep it up (I have to start sketching again, I've been too slack). I really like your quick sketches and the opel linework overlay is very clean - thanks for posting.
  15. tobi.

    My Portfolio - Momel Design

    Hi all I've put up my portfolio site Momel Design (when you click on the splash page the flash site will pop up in a new window) the site is not quite finished - still need to add text discriptions more pics and fix some stuff up. Comments appreciated, on the work and also the site itself - this is the first site I've made, it was a lot harder than I thought

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