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  1. Phil at SimplyRhino

    Ergonomic Mouse

    Hi there. A couple of our customers who have had bad RSI problems are using the Evoluent mouse. The theory behind this one is that the mouse is vertical rather than horizontal and so you use it in a 'handshake' position that doesn't require your wrist to be rotated through 90 degrees. The two or three people I have seen using this thought it was great! BTW we don't sell this but you should be able to find it easily enough on the web. Phil www.simplyrhino.co.uk
  2. Phil at SimplyRhino

    Problem With Rhino3d In Bootcamp

    Hi there. This problem occurs with some ATI cards/drivers in both windows and windows via boot camp installations. It's usually pretty easy to overcome and I would suggest these steps: 1) Close down Rhino. In your ATI control panel you should have a slider to control the 3D acceleration - the default for this is to be set all the way to the right (100%) so just pull the slider to the left by one stop (ie 75% to 80%) 2) Restart machine and Rhino. If problem still persits go to Rhino Options > Appearance > OpenGL and in OPenGL settings make sure that the first four checkboxes are enabled and the fifth is not. Save the settings. Close Rhino and Open again to check if the problem persists. 3) If you are still seeing the problem then go to Rhino Options > Modelling Aids > Cursor Tool Tips and check Enable Cursor Tool Tips (plus the snaps you want to enable). Save the settings, close Rhino and open again. This should do the trick - if not try tech support at McNeel - they'll generally get back to you within 24 hours. In general the ATI cards are slightly more troublesome with Rhino than Nvidia and this is generally down to the drivers and the way the deal with OPenGL. So, if you have the choice of graphic card then Nvidia is usually a safer bet. Phil www.simplyrhino.co.uk
  3. Phil at SimplyRhino

    Vray For Rhino Help

    Some quick pointers for you. The appearance of any reflective object such as glass, diamonds, chrome etc is only going to be highly dependent on the lighting and perhaps more important the reflection. Make sure that you are getting some light inside the watch body (it looks as though this render is just using GI Skylight) and use a reflection map in the Environments rollout. The diamonds and any glass objects will need to be modelled as manifold solids (closed polysurface) to refract correctly. For the test renders, don't use a material that is too complex - start with a simple glass material and increase the IOR in the refraction layer to 2.8 (ish) and to the same for both of the IOR values in the Fresnel filter in the reflection layer. Hope this helps.

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